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SLA / Urbanity Strategy Landscape

SLA er et internationalt anerkendt byudviklings- og rådgivningsfirma, der arbejder med landskab, byrum og byplanlægning.

“In my job I am frequently required to present projects and speak publicly but it is not something that comes very naturally to me.

The sessions I have had with Helle have provided me with some simple tools to help with my clarity and thus confidence in such situations.

It has been valuable in helping me understand how to become more self-aware to step out of myself and see the way I present from the outside.

I have started to use these tools as a framework for setting up presentations and will continue to develop this and practice as much as I can to improve and grow in confidence.

It has been a great and rare opportunity to focus on this.”

Kirsty Louise BadenochArkitekt MAA, SLA A/S